Ho Chi Minh City is a young city with a history of just over 300 years of formation and development. Widely known as Saigon, this vibrant city is likened to the “Pearl of the Far East” because of its charming heritage architecture, dynamic, vibrant, and bustling atmosphere, and friendly people. These are the characteristics that make Ho Chi Minh City an attractive destination for domestic and international tourists.


The variety of colors, scents, and sounds are the hallmarks of Ho Chi Minh City, which keep the City consistently ranked as one of Asia’s most loved tourist destinations.


Saigon’s culinary culture is always the first thing that many tourists care about when having the opportunity to visit this place. It is a Saigon with rich and unique cuisine. It is not only the way of processing and eating but also the habits and customs of the people of Saigon. Visitors will discover a lot of cuisines from around the world that were introduced to Saigon in ancient times. Along with the absorption and non-stop creativity has brought the unique and rich cuisine of Saigon.


Cuisine in Saigon never disappoints visitors. CNN has called Ho Chi Minh City the “Taste of Vietnam”, a city that always amazes visitors with its diverse cuisine – from street food paradise to delicious, inspiring bakeries, and gourmet cuisine. Authentic Vietnamese and modern Asian eateries.


Many famous shopping centers, attractive attractions, world-class hotels, and modern infrastructure make Ho Chi Minh City a favorite destination for self-sufficient travelers, couples, and families.


Besides, the people of Saigon have contributed to embellishing the beauty of the picture of the culture here. Coming here, you will see the affection between people in this vibrant city. They are always honest, simple and simple people. The nature of Saigon people is generous and liberal, so you can freely chat with the shopkeeper or anyone. That is also the reason why many tourists come to Saigon but still do not want to leave. No matter how difficult the situation is, they always keep a bright smile every day.


Famous places tourists should go when you travel in Ho Chi Minh





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