Hanoi is known as the capital of more than 1000 years old, not only famous for its long history, rich in identity, and traditional culture of the nation, this land is also known as one of the most attractive places in the world, many domestic and foreign tourists.

After the expansion, Hanoi is in the top 17 capitals with the largest area in the world and making it an important economic, political, cultural, and scientific center of Vietnam.


Due to the tropical monsoon climate, when traveling in Hanoi, you can enjoy all 4 seasons of the year. Each season has its own characteristics, giving you different feelings about life, scenery and people here.


Hanoi has many different cultures and there are not many cultural villages like this place. Along with that, there are villages with Buddhist, folk, and French architecture scattered everywhere, making visitors excited when they get lost in a busy, developing city but still find valuable values. culture thousands of years ago.


Every time you introduce Hanoi, it is impossible not to mention the people here, the people of Hanoi are spontaneous in their speech and civilized and polite behavior. If one day you visit the capital, you will find that there is always a warm heart, and everyone is always ready to help, and give guidance on roads, vehicles, and accommodation when you are a stranger. distant travelers.


Besides the thousand-year-old ancient features, old street corners, and quiet lifestyle, visitors will still feel the bustling atmosphere of a city that is the capital of Vietnam. In the morning, the streets are crowded with people, especially at rush hours. In the evening, Hanoi returns to a peaceful, ancient, and brilliant atmosphere in the night lights



Famous places tourists should go in Hanoi




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