Ha Long Bay is a famous bay for its magnificent beauty. The bay is likened to a precious gem of nature, a gift that nature bestows on nature and the people here. Coming to Ha Long Bay, you can clearly feel its ecstatic beauty that no words can describe. Let’s explore the fascinating, fascinating and magnificent beauty of this world’s natural heritage.


Ha Long Bay has a relatively large area of ​​about 1,553 km2 with many different large and small islands. According to statistics from the bay management board, the bay currently has about 1,969 islands of all kinds of different sizes and shapes, which are very interesting.



Ha Long Bay has been recognized by UNESCO as a natural heritage of the world many times. This is a bay with very beautiful scenery and is also the pride of Quang Ninh province in particular, of our country in general. The area recognized as heritage is a region in the center of the bay and also the most beautiful area in the bay with 775 islands, forming a triangle-like shape.


Ha Long Bay is not only a place with beautiful natural scenery but also a place with a rich history, and hidden relics of prehistoric people. According to the research results of archaeologists and culturists, prehistoric inhabitants began to live here quite early. Those residents lived here and established many different cultures such as Soi Nhu culture, Cai Beo culture, and Ha Long culture.



Not only is it a place of many rocky islands with rich shapes, Ha Long Bay is also the convergence of countless beautiful caves such as Thien Cung cave, Dau Go cave, Sung Sot cave, etc. Many magical legends have been passed down from generation to generation. These are really castles, fairy scenes in the middle of the world, contributing to creating an extremely beautiful Ha Long Bay.


What do you do when you travel in Ha Long?


Tuan Chau Island – Colorful entertainment complex

A fun place in Ha Long that you cannot miss is Tuan Chau Island. Tuan Chau Island attracts visitors through its fresh air, the largest artificial beach in Vietnam with an area of ​​​​up to 220 hectares, a gentle coastline with pure white sand



Especially, Halong Bay overnight tours are chosen by many guests, an interesting feeling if you spend a night on a yacht with many activities such as: going to the rooftop of the yacht to admire the beautiful scenery of Ha Long at night. dawn or dusk; participate in kayaking; swimming on the bay, then singing karaoke, squid fishing when night falls…


Dragon Eye Island

According to Ha Long travel experience of tourists, Dragon Eye Island is one of the most ideal relaxing places. Dragon Eye Island Ha Long has a primitive and mysterious beauty with a deep blue lake nestled between rocky mountains and primeval forests.



This “Dragon Ball” in the heart of Ha Long is the right place for you to relax, enjoy swimming, and enjoy a paradise vacation. In addition, you can also experience kayaking, flying canoe, camping, and organizing teambuilding …


Enjoy swimming, an interesting experience at Bai Chay beach

Bai Chay Quang Ninh is the widest beach in Ha Long with a length of up to 1000m and a width of more than 100m. The clear blue water, fresh air, and cool trees along the coast give visitors an incredible sense of comfort. With relatives and friends experiencing fun, swimming at the amusement park in Bai Chay will definitely be an extremely memorable experience.




Quang Ninh Museum – “black pearl” located in the heart of Ha Long

The next destination not to be missed in the journey to discover this coastal city is Quang Ninh Museum – where the history of the mining land is kept.


Quang Ninh Library Museum was designed by a Spanish architect. The museum building is inspired by coal – the famous mineral in the mining land. The square building with the exterior is shiny black glass like a giant black pearl located in the middle of the beautiful Ha Long city.



The museum has 3 floors with 3 different themes: 1st floor – Sea and nature, 2nd floor – preserving historical values, 3rd floor – Quang Ninh coal and mineral mining industry.


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